Outcome of the 25-member commercial force from South Korea in Kastoria


The visit of the 25-member fur buyer team from South Korea, organized by the Kastorian Fur Association (KFA), Enterprise Greece, and South Korea’s Office of Economic and Business Affairs, has come to a close. The mission was accompanied by Mr. Konstantinos Dikaros, the Office of Economic and Business Affairs Consultant at the Greek Embassy in Seoul.

More specifically, from May 8 to 13, representatives from 15 major South Korean businesses had the opportunity to visit fur-making business stands in the International Exhibition Center in Kastoria and attend events, samplings, and high-end fashion shows. They were also able to make B2B transactions with fur-making businesses in Kastoria and Kozani.

On the evening of Thursday, May 12, an interview to West Macedonia mass media was given by the Hellenic Fur Federation (HFF) & KFA President Mr. Akis Tsoukas and Secretary General of International Economic Affairs at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and President of Enterprise Greece Mr. Ioannis Smyrlis. In the interview they referred to the results of the business mission.

Following the press conference, a reception and fashion show was held, during which the attendants had the chance to enjoy the display of exquisite creations made of fur pieces from local furriers.

When the six-day event was completed, HFF & KFA President Mr. Tsoukas said, “We had two options. Either we throw up our hands in defeat and roll the final credits for the fur sector or take action. We chose the second option.” He went on to say, “The KFA Board of Directors in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Enterprise Greece, the South Korean Office of Economic and Business Affairs, and our members managed to organize a major exhibition with many side events. All this effort had an impact—a positive impact—as there were 100 B2B meetings, dozens of visits to local factories, while satisfactory deals were made with entrepreneurs.”

On behalf of the KFA, Mr. Tsoukas committed to organizing similar meetings with commercial representatives from other countries so that fur-making business can strengthen their client base and develop business transactions.



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