43rd KASTORIA International Fur Fair Fashion Gala Show



Τhe Participants


Kopenhagen Fur is the world’s largest fur auction house and the leading provider of fur. The company is owned by Danish fur farmers and is one of the world’s best functioning cooperatives. That link has ensured that the quality of our skins remains amongst the best in the world.



2018-19 A&D !!! collection reflects the controversy of life today. The  peculiar new ideas are realized through the unique Soulis refined fashion approach.


Hermia is the latest step in the evolution of a strong family fur-manufacturing business, founded in 1969, in Kastoria by Dimitrios Afkos. By following the traditional way of processing and manufacturing fur and combining it harmoniously with the modern skin processing techniques, Hermia achieves a balance between the classic and the modern and its products are both timeless and contemporary. Indulge into the unique sensation of fur with Hermia!



Based in Kastoria, Greece, we at Trassias Furs are proud of our long tradition of high quality fur production that continues to satisfy the needs of our worldwide customers to this day. In line with the latest fur fashion trends, we design garments of the highest quality and lasting aesthetics, placing emphasis on the unique nature of each fur. Trassias Furs’ primary objective is to ensure the highest quality of raw materials in combination with strict design specifications.



For over four generations, the Manakas family represents the main flagship of fur in Europe. The headquarters of the company are located in Frankfurt, Germany, like the brand name MANAKAS FRANKFURT represents, and it operates in an International Business Network. Next beside the head office the company confirms his presence with numerous showrooms in all the fashion capitals of the world.
For four generations, GRAVAS has been a leading actor in the manufacture of fur garments and accessories. The company's dedication to quality makes it one of the most important and fast-growing fur fashion brand, whose reputation expands beyond the Greek borders, reaching worldwide recognition.



MANZARI GROUP S.A. is active in the manufacture and sale of women’s fur clothing and accessories. Founded in 2014, the company has risen rapidly and emerged as one of the most important and fast – growing companies in the sector. The company is located in a company –owned and luxurious space of 5000 sq. m in Ampelokipi in the entrance of Kastoria including the management, manufacturing, design and a big, luxury show room. The company designs and produces “CASIANI” FUR COLLECTION with high quality materials, originating from world famous suppliers,  specialized know-how and unique designs, the result of our work surpasses all expectations. The company has developed it’s sales network as it’s products export to Russia, UAE, Europe and U.S.



EFD PAPADOPOULOS FURS  company creates unique, elegant and high quality fur garments, specialized in mink coats.
We select and utilize the world's finest skins with the collaboration of the most important designers.



Founded in 1991, MANTZIARIS ABEE is based in Agia Kyriaki Kaloneriou, in Siatista, Greece.
Originality is the essence of MΛNZΛRI. The 2018 collection combines high quality sable skins and dyed fur skins enriched with sophisticated fabrics which convey a sense of elegance and luxury all embraced in a folk atmosphere.



ACTIVE SABLE HOUSE is a joint partnership of experienced Russian Sable Furriers which dates back to 1993. Our company is proud to own the Top Lots of the Sojuzpushnina Sable Fur Auction for 2014-2018 and has become one of the most recognized Sable Fur Brand in the world.
Come and feel surrounded by Timeless and Fashionable designs in the World of ACTIVE SABLE HOUSE.



Since 1965 PKZ is the leading fur manufacturing company that guarantees you get the best quality combined with classy designs. Maria Papadopoulou the second generation and creative manager of the company since 2005 apply fresh ideas to meet your needs and create fashion trends in furs through limited edition models. A fur is a unique piece you deserve and PKZ is a temptation for you to explore the fur legend.



The SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion is an award-winning Fur fashion brand with registered trademark.
Since 1969 all of the products are from the finest furs to the most exotic leathers and coats.
All these years, we create our coats for unique people who have their own special and characteristic style. As well as offer them modern, elegant and also luxurious fur creations!



KONSTANTINOU FURS is a fur company specialized in readymade fur garments from swakara skins. This year the swakara board granted special permission for the company, the honorary title to be the “official swakara ambassador for the year 2018”


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