49th KASTORIA International Fur Fair - Fashion Gala 2024

Τhe Participants


MANZARI GROUP S.A. is a well established and renowned company that specializes in the art of fur manufacturing and trade and only offers the most luxurious fur garments for women who desire to captivate with every appearance. Founded in 2014, the company has risen rapidly and emerged as one of the most important, famous and fast–growing companies in the sector. With commitment and dedication to quality, Manzari Group S.A. is an industry leader with merchandise from only the best-famed suppliers. The company has been leading the fur industry for more than two decades, owning multiple stores across Greece and the U.A.E and exporting its products to more than 40 countries including U.S.A, E.U., Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, U.K, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, S. Korea and Japan under the brand name Casiani Furs.



LUXOR FURS is a family business company which is active in the fur sector since 1985. The quality and design of our products are synonymous to LUXOR FURS business. LUXOR FURS based in Kastoria, manufactures and markets fur products worldwide and in conjunction with trained personnel, our products are widely recognizable for quality and expertise. Finally at LUXOR FURS we give much emphasis on advertising and that seeks from our participation at the leading fur exhibitions that are held every year around the world.



Largest producer of Russian Sable Fur in the World. Buying Sable is a Unique Experience and the Best Advice is to buy one at an official Sable Fur stores where the products come with the appropriate Certification. ACTIVE SABLE HOUSE is one of the Largest Manufacturer of Russian Sable Furs in the world, providing Guaranteed Quality Sable Fur Coats. Sable skins used in ACTIVE SABLE HOUSE for garments, are only purchased in the Sojuzpushnina fur auction in St. Petersburg. Our company is proud to own the Top Lots of the Sojuzpushnina Sable Fur Auction for many years. Sable Experts and Fur Consultants at the ACTIVE Factory in Kastoria will help you come up with a Single Unique Russian Sable Fur Coat or an Exclusive Sable Fur Collection.



Estel Furs is a company that, three generations now, combines Greek fur’s finest quality with the incomparable Italian style. In the last few years, with innovative and advanced ideas of the latest generations, Estel Furs became a dynamic international firm into Fur’s industry. Based on quality and the latest trends in fashion, we provide, annually, unique ideas of how a valuable garment, as fur, should be manufactured. Years of experience let us correspond to our client’s needs with responsibility and accuracy. The target of our company is to fulfill each client’s explicit desire, and we work with passion and care in order to achieve the best result. Estel Furs is a synonym to luxury.



Alessio “Italy Fashion Furs” is the name of progress in Fashion, a name that ensures the best quality of fur. By attaching the Alessio “Italy Fashion Furs” is certifying that the garment you have purchased is a genuine fur, a fur which is designed, manufactured and controlled thoroughly by experts to meet the high quality standards needed to make a really special garment.



Itzhak Cohen company founded in 2002, in the city of Kastoria. With excellent expertise and european focus, active since then in the fur industry. The art of fur is inextricably linked to the region of Kastoria, the years of Ottoman acquisition, counting five centuries dynamic presence, becoming a turbocharger of the local economy and a catalyst for economic and cultural development. The company has organized staffing, and workforce, fully specialized in the production of fur products.



Gs furs was founded in 1992, having as main activity the processing and alteration of mink fur pieces. Since 1997, the company was oriented towards prefabricated products and the production was mainly focused on mink tails. In 2002, we changed the material used for the production of furs to a secondary leather-type product. Since 2007, GS Furs has first started using Lynx skins for production. Lynx fur is considered one of the most elite. Products made from this fur are unpretentious and durable, especially in difficult climatic conditions where it is difficult to heat up. The combination of Lynx with Black Glama and Nafa has produced great results. Durability, comfort, beauty, strength combined with softness and tenderness. All of this is characteristic of the production of the GS Furs.



PT Furs is committed to offering all its customers a high standard of excellence, quality, health and safety in its products, and communicating this in a clear and transparent manner. Its products are made ethically and responsibly.



Soulis Furs, an Italian Fashion House based in Kastoria, Greece. Italian designers bring a new fur collection every season. At Soulis Furs every woman gets the most desirable fur coats and made of mink, catlynx, bobcat, sable, chinchilla, Blackglama.



MΛNZΛRI has been founded in 1991, in Siatista in Greece. Quality and originality is the essence of MΛNZΛRI. MΛNZΛRI is dedicated in designing eclectic, contemporary, romantic, elegant and timeless creations that represent its attention to detail. MΛNZΛRI ’s goal is to provide the highest-quality fur garments, and its highly skilled employees can ensure this. Workplace sustainability is crucial for our operation. Our collection combines high quality sable skins and mink fur skins enriched with sophisticated fabrics which convey a sense of elegance and luxury all embraced in a folk atmosphere. Fur skins are bought only from fur auction houses. Furthermore we have already been Furmark accredited. Through this membership – the internationally recognized standard for responsible fur manufacturing – MΛNZΛRI intends to further strengthen its commitment to a more sustainable raw material sourcing.



The company was found in 1961 by the two brothers, Steve & Chris Tsoukas in New York. We are specialized in barguzinsky russian sable and in blackglama mink.



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