Kastoria International Fur Fair

Where creativity meets the art of fur-making

With the participation of the largest local and international fur-making businesses while drawing in a significant number of visitors from all over the world, the Kastoria International Fur Fair has undoubtedly made a name for itself as one of the most major fur sector events worldwide.

This comes as no surprise since Kastoria is the source of fur, being the only productive center in the Western world.

Ready-made garments made exclusively of fur for both men and women, leather goods and other products combining fur, leather, and fabric as well as a wide range of accessories, such as bags, hats, scarves, and gloves are available to the Fair visitors.

After all, the Kastoria International Fur Fair is the ideal meeting point for making trade deals as it displays a huge variety of top-quality goods, guaranteed by the most significant fur industries. Fashion, innovation, and luxury are the catchwords at this unique event, held at a spacious exhibition center, suitable for showcasing the furriers’ creations.

Also available at the Fair will be fur hides and fur plates of all qualities and in trendy colors as well as garment linings and fur-sewing equipment.

Organized by the Kastorian Fur Association and TIF-HELEXPO -

Supported by the biggest international auction houses

The Fair is jointly organized by the Kastorian Fur Association and TIF-HELEXPO, the official exhibition organization in Greece. The event is also supported by the most significant international auction houses, such as Saga Furs and Sojuzpushnina, giving their vote of confidence to this major fur event.

Fur Shopping Festival

The Fur Shopping Festival is held every November as part of the Kastoria International Fur Fair. The Fur Shopping Festival is another exhibition event organized by the Kastorian Fur Association for wholesale and retail sales of fur products.

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UFI-approved event

Since October 2017 the Kastoria Fur Fair has been labeled as an international event, having been certified by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) as a UFI-approved event, establishing the Kastoria International Fur Fair as a key player on the scene of major exhibitions.



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