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Derokast was born out of a desire to blend tradition with modern aesthetics.

Inspired by the rich heritage of leather craftsmanship, we set out on a journey to redefine luxury for the contemporary connoisseur.

Each piece we create tells a story, a fusion of artistry, heritage, and functionality.


19, Artis Str.  

52100, Kastoria - Greece

Tel: +30 2467060025

Mob. + 30 6980067350

Email: info@derokast.com



Traveline, was established in Kastoria in year 2014. We have wide experience in airline ticketing, hotel reservations, boat ticketing, guided tours, club tours, school trips, individual trips, honeymoons, and we ensure safe self-movement of travelers.

We provide quality services to our customers at affordable prices, and with a view to serve you better, we hope to continue our good tradition in the coming years.

We are constantly at our customer's side, insisting on proving the four core values that govern our work:

Trust, Reliability, Quality relative to price, service

A commitment so that these values will remain unchanged and non-negotiable.

Thank you for your support, you will always have ours.

Visit our site : www.traveline.gr and plan your trip.

71, Grammou str.

52100 Kastoria - Greece

Tel. : + 30 24670 87740, + 30 24670 87741

Fax. + 30 24670 87742

Email : info@traveline.gr




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