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Saga Furs Oyj is the full-service auction house with the broadest selection of superior furs from strictly regulated European sources. Our efforts focus on supporting sustainable sources of European fur sold at 4-5 international auctions each year, and then marketing Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon on a global scale.

Saga Furs Oyj is the only publicly listed company of its kind.

Saga Furs has gained a unique position as the point where the fur and fashion industries meet.

With the auction house at the center, our partners range from fur breeders and suppliers on the one side, to clothing manufacturers and fashion houses on the other.

Saga Furs has earned a reputation as the world pioneer in responsible fur breeding.

The Saga Furs brand delivers the assurance of quality, transparency and sustainability consumers demand.

We are the innovator who put fur back in the fashion picture – and the ones who keep it there.



Vantaa, Finland

Visiting address: Martinkyläntie 48, Vantaa, Finland

Tel. : + 358 9 84 981

Fax : + 358 9 849 8319

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The Greek Fur Institute was created with the main purpose to promote the Greek fur industry and protect the interests of the Greek craftsmen furriers of Kastoria and Siatista region.

In furtherance of the industry undertakes to inform the consumers about the Greek fur, raise the whole industry and to contribute to the international recognition of the industry as the best worldwide in the production of finished fur.

The starting point was the creation brand name for the industry of the fur and finished furs named GreekFur and implementing reliable distribution system and control GreekFur label. Created by local fur trade union bodies and Kastoria Chamber and supported by the Greek state.

60, Mitropoleos Str.
Tel.: + 30 24670 22217
Fax: + 30 24670 22263


The HELLENIC CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE INDUSTRY TOURISM AND SHIPPING (HCC) is an institutional, non-governmental, non-profit Chamber, operates under Presidential Decree (576/27-7-95), for Greek corporations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in business affairs with People’s Republic of China and Chinese corporations engaged in business affairs with Greece. The Hellenic Chinese Chamber, was set up in 1995 and is widely recognized and respected at the highest level of both Greek and Chinese governments.

Our mission is to actively and continuously support the development of business and economic relations between Greece and China so that in the long-run, China becomes in the worldwide scene one of Greece’s major business and economic partners.

10, Amerikis Str.

10671, Athens – Greece

Tel. : + 30 210 3629445

Fax: + 30 210 3629052

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The Hellenic Fur Federation was founded at February of 1991 and is the secondary trade union of the Greek fur sector and its most important representative, in Greece and in the European Union, as well as in the whole world. Hellenic Fur Federation is consisted from five primary fur associations, with over than 2.000 members, small, medium and big enterprises employing. Hellenic Fur Federation is a member of the International Fur Trade Federation, and Fur Europe.

L. Gounaradon - P.O Box 1002 Chloe Area - 1st floor

52100, Kastoria - Greece

Tel.: +30 24670 22171, +30 24670 27980



The Region of Western Macedonia covers a total surface of 9451 km2, 7.2% of country’s total. The nature of the region is mountainous, while Aliakmonas travels down through it. The Region of Western Macedonia is situated in the northern part of Greece and borders with Albania and FYROM. It is the only region without sea coast. Western Macedonia is divided into the regional units of Grevena, Kastoria, Kozani and Florina.

The productive character of the area is still determined by the energy industry and secondarily the fur industry. However, the virgin and still underexplored landscapes provide a fruitful ground for tourism to develop.

ZEP Area – 50100 - Kozani

Tel. : + 30 24610 52610 - 3

Fax : +30 24610 52614

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The Municipality of Kastoria participates in the 43rd KASTORIA International Fur Fair, creating a communication bridge among the fur trade organizations, the exhibitors and the commercial visitors of the Fair in the tourism sector.

Skaperdio Megaro

52100, Kastoria – Greece

Tel. +30 2467351100-101

Fax + 30 24670 29451

Email :


Regional Unit of Kastoria is a public organization that through its participation in this event wants to make its visitors familiar with the beauties of our city and at the same time highlight the cultural attractions of our region that should visit.

Alexandrou & Dioikitiriou 1 Str.

52100 Kastoria - Greece

Tel.: + 30 24673 50200

Fax: + 30 24670 22513


Web site:


The national exhibition agency was founded nine decades ago and throughout this period, TIF-Helexpo has accumulated tremendous experience and know-how in the management of exhibition infrastructure and the organisation of exhibitions.

Today it serves as the official advisor to the state on issues of exhibition policy, it organises Thessaloniki International Fair, major trade fairs, regional exhibitions throughout Greece, it participates in major international exhibitions with national pavilions, and it manages the facilities of Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Centre and Athens Exhibition and Congress Centre.

154, Egnatia Str.

54636, Thessaloniki – Greece

Tel. : + 30 2310 291111

Fax. : +30 2310 284732

Email :



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