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The “historic” magazine Arpel FUR has been added to the contents of af.mag, magazine dedicated to fashion accessories and clothing that, in addition to being distributed in all the most important international events, can be found also in the main newsstands of the most important fashion cities.

af.mag Magazine is published 6 times per year and has two editions in Russian which are distributed right during fashion events in Russia. Added to these are the editions of January, February, June and September.

Arpel FUR becomes, thus, af.mag Magazine to be ever closer to the fur sector, which now as never before wants to be again a protagonist of the fashion world.

Via Nievo 33

20145 Milano – Italy

Tel.: +39 02319121



2 Liuberetckii proezd, 14

109153, Moscow, Russian Federation

Tel. + 7 (906) 757-56-76




IP Luzina S.N.

A specialist bimonthly Russian-English trade magazine published since 2005 which represents information on world fur market. In addition to this once a year we publish Russian Fur Farmers and Fur Manufacturers Catalogues.

ul. Uzhnobutovskaya 52-171

117042, Moscow, Russia

Tel. + 7 495 7665873

Email :



Moscow - Russia
Dubai - Uae
Tel.: + 7 903 7983851


The internet platform Grekomania is one of the most popular online travel guides to Greece on the web. It is an official information partner of the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization).

Today, Grekomania holds the largest share of and Yandex search engines for keywords in russian concerning Greece: more than 50,000 keywords, 20% of which are in the top five.

From its founding, Grekomania has won numerous awards as one of the best web-based tourist platforms, elevating Greece to one of the top worldwide tourist destinations.

Page views during the tourist season exceed 15,000 a day. Grekomania’s interactive map app has been installed on many travel agents’ booking sites, which has led to even greater total traffic.

7, Karatasou Str.

54626, Thessaloniki – Greece

Tel. : + 30 2310 502009



MPA STYLE, whose unique expertise is supported by the best consultants, has become a point of reference for those operators always focused on the market’s evolution and continuously seeking for trends, trend setting colors, leather and fur types, components and latest technology. Source of information regarding the whole fashion system, its full value is expressed in its magazines that represent a top Italian style guide for best materials, manufacturing and creativity. A branch of the company provides training courses for aspiring technicians and designers, giving the perfect tools to individually build and support a stylistic identity through the help of experienced professionals thanks to whom it is possible, on request, to develop customized prototypes with the direct support of partner manufacturers.

Via Del Commercio 46

20090 Buccinasco, Milano - Italy

Tel.: +39 02 40741 222




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