High turnout of exhibitors and trade visitors

Once again Kastoria vindicated the reputation exceeded the reputation of organizing a truly successful exhibition, the high turnout of exhibitors and trade visitors.

This follows from the evidence gathered during the four days of the exhibition. During the exhibition the exhibitors had the opportunity all 103 exhibitors to present their products and promote their trades.

More specifically, according to the data that was gathered by the Kastorian Fur Association , there was about 541 foreign trade visitors, not including the Greeks, and this contributed decisively to the view of the past months in major trade journals in Europe, America, Canada, Russia and Asia. The majority of foreign visitors came from Russia, the largest purchasing power today in the fur industry, but overall the visitors that passed the gates of the Fair came from 30 countries. Commercial operations noted surpassed initial expectations. Including the fact that the orders that were given were calculated to be more than other years. The Kastoria International Fur Fair is one of the most famous fur trade events in the world.

Exhibitors, organizers and visitors declare their presence at the 42nd KASTORIA International Fur Fair which will be held 4-7 May 2017 in Kastoria.


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