25-member commercial force from South Korea in Kastoria


Immediately responding to international developments and aiming promoting its exhibitors and members, the Kastorian Fur Association (KFA) is delighted to announce the arrival of a 25-member commercial task force from South Korea. This has been accomplished with detailed research and targeted actions in collaboration with South Korea’s Office of Economic and Business Affairs and Enterprise Greece.

More specifically, from Sunday, May 8 to Friday, May 13, 2022, the South Korean task force, made up by business executives and accompanied by a representative from the Greek Embassy in Seoul, will visit Kastoria and attend a series of events, shows and samplings in the International Exhibition Center of Kastoria located there. The team will also visit actual businesses in the Kastoria and Kozani municipalities.

The Kastorian Fur Association Board of Directors has already informed its exhibitors and members of the task force’s scheduled arrival, which will highly benefit the fur sector, opening new roads for further development of fur products.

The South Korean entrepreneurs have selected a considerable number of businesses they would like to visit after carrying out market research through the KFA’s members’ websites and those of other fur firms that participate in the Kastoria International Fur Fair, featured on the website



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