40519 Flower YardRosafox is a manufacturer of the high-end fur accessories. The main product is a shawl trimmed with Finnish blue fox.


Rosafox Oy Ltd. was established in 1992 by fur designer Pirjo Kortelainen. Since then the main product of the company has been a triangle shaped foulard trimmed with Finnish blue fox fur. The core values of the company are outstanding quality of the raw materials, accurate attention to finishing touches, and passion to the products, which are lasting in time.  Inspiration for the new collection FW 18/19 has been taken from oriental flower art and the Baroque era. The unique and recognizable collection also contains many collars, mufflers and other fur accessories.  Rosafox products are distributed in over twenty countries, in which the Rosafox trademark has been registered.

Kuonomaentie 1
01800 Klaukkala – Finland
Tel.: +35 898792519
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