NICK THE GREEK FURS image.jpgFounded in 1978, by Nick Papadopoulos in Kastoria, Greece.

Today "Nick the Greek Furs" is still a family run fur company with 40 years and more experience in world wide fur market.

Designs, manufactures and exports quality fur clothing, accessories and other fur stuff. Specialized in Fox fur.

Always creating new fashion ideas combined the high quality furs with the long term experience in fur production.

Except "Nick the Greek" Collection the company can supply with Fox fur (plates, trims, etc.) other companies which use furs for their production.

Through the years achieved having long-term clients all over the world.

This is the best motivation for evolving in fur market with new ideas and designs.
Primary purpose for "Nick the Greek Furs" is satisfied and continuous clients.

88, Athanasiou Diakou Str.
52100, Kastoria - Greece
Tel./Fax: +30 2467082901
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