MΛNZΛRI has been founded in 1991, in Siatista in Greece .

Quality and originality is the essence of MΛNZΛRI. MΛNZΛRI is dedicated in designing eclectic, contemporary, romantic, elegant and timeless creations that represent its attention to detail. MΛNZΛRI ’s goal is to provide the highest-quality fur garments, and its highly skilled employees can ensure this. Workplace sustainability is crucial for our operation.

Our collection combines high quality sable skins and mink fur skins enriched with sophisticated fabrics which convey a sense of elegance and luxury all embraced in a folk atmosphere.

Fur skins are bought only from fur auction houses. Furthermore we have already been Furmark accredited. Through this membership – the internationally recognized standard for responsible fur manufacturing – MΛNZΛRI intends to further strengthen its commitment to a more sustainable raw material sourcing.

Agia Kyriaki Kaloneriou 50300, Siatista - Greece
Tel.: +30 24650 71054
+30 24650 71055
Fax: +30 24650 71050
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