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The Lazogkas fur company has been in the fur business for almost 50 years. Today the fur factory operates in Galatini area of Siatista, in Kastoria. Each furrier is responsible for maintaining the quality of furs that carry the Lazogkas fur brand. Designing the fur patterns, selecting the fur in farms and auctions, stitching together the fur skins all follows strict guidelines to match the quality that every fur coat needs to have. In the last decade the Lazogkas fur company has expanded it’s net-work of retail stores as well as it’s wholesale business clients. Everything is still produced in Kastoria, managing to keep the fur coats quality at the highest level.

50300, Kozani - Greece
Tel.: +30 24650 41608
Fax: +30 24650 41608
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Branch Store
L. Gounaradon - Chloe Area
52100, Kastoria - Greece