Kolkas & Co. – “ADORE”

Drawing from the innovative inspiration of Panagiotis Kolkas , KP Furs & Co is continuing his legacy by further enriching an almost 45 long tradition in fur craftsmanship. Based in Kastoria (Greece), the company has established its status in the international arena of fur production and trading through its participation in all the major fur events. The enter of the second generation has started the globalisation of the company and as a result, KP furs has operational offices in many countries such as Italy, Spain, South Korea, Russia and U.S.A.

Our experience allows us to use all kind of materials of furs such as mink, fox, finnraccoon, chinchilla, sable, lynx and more. Combinations of species, styles and colors create a unique collection that is made in our high quality standards. KP furs overall philosophy is to uncover the luxury of physical beauty by staying true to the wise expertise of Kastorian fur making.

Different styles and colours are mixed preserving the company’s internationally accredited commitment to high-quality results.

221, Grammou Str., 521 00 Kastoria – Greece
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Fax: +30 24670811 98
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“ADORE” 52056 Polikarpi, Mavrochori Kastoria – Greece