The GIORGIO MILIOS EXCLUSIVE MEN’S FUR COLLECTION is a family company dedicated to the seam of male fur. The company was founded in 1970 by Peter Milios, in 2000 assumed by George Milios and the company begins to participate in international exhibitions while working with leading designers around the world. The GIORGIO MILIOS EXCLUSIVE MEN’S FUR COLLECTION became the only company in Kastoria dedicated to male fur for the last 43 years. The skins are only first class and all come from Canada with tag of authenticity. Our company deals with BLACKGLAMA, BLACK - NAFA, FISER, COYOTE, SEAL, SWAKARA - KARAKUL, BIBER, LYNX.  

11, St. Vasiliou str. 
52100 Maniaki, Kastoria- Greece
Tel.: +30 24670 80473
Fax: +30 24670 80473
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221, Grammou Str.
52100 Kastoria - Greece
Tel.: +30 24670 87991