bourtsos swakara 2015 03

Bourtsos S.A. is one of the leading industrial manufacturing units of fur clothing generally specializing in perzian or karakul. Being exclusive partners with Swakara and thanks to their excellent craftsmanship, they can call themselves the best at their kind specializing in "Karakul" or "Perzian".
Bourtzos S.A takes part in hundreds of fur auctions and international fur fairs, proposing new collections of fur garments every year, quality certified skins. The business continues to expand with shops in Greece, Russia and recently in Dubai, with long term clients all over the world. The new company buildings in Kastoria have recently been completed, a total of 4200 m2 where a new showroom, up to date workshops, as well as managerial services are accommodated. 11th Klm National Road Kastoria-Kozani
52057 Kastoria, Greece
Tel:. + 30 24670 85919
Fax: + 30 24670 85172
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.