by lazaros phby Lazaros is a successful enterprise involved in the manufacture and sale of fur textile products and best known for:
The quality of its materials and its production, which is exclusively conducted in Greece
The participation in many international fur fairs (Milan – Paris – Moscow –Kiev –Madrid - Istanbul – Dubai – Athens – Thessaloniki – Kastoria)
Its “Fur Accessories Collection” which introduces specially designed luxurious and elegant fur products for women, men and children

byLazaros, also, specialized in the field of design, supervision, control , gives technical advices and produce modules in Greece and foreign countries.
Designing plays the leading role in the productive procedure. It is our prime concern and our first goal, with the use of designing software of the latest technology, combining human knowledge and experience on pattern.
Inspired by fur, point of reference the most modern tendencies and criterion the dressing desires of the public, byLazaros increases productivity and creativity through never ending procedures.
Constant information for the latest fashion (lines, colors, etc).

o visit in international exhibitions
o informing via foreign designers
o informing via international fashion
o magazines and internet
o recording of the new trends
o research through clients for options and
o new points of the consumers
o recording, elaboration and choice of the
o basic elements, in the frame, which our
o new collection will be developed

Recording and designing of all the new ideas

Selection of the most popular designs

Elaboration of the designs, selection and combination of materials, selection of colors

Selection of helping materials and accessories, with alternative solutions

Design of the pattern

Creation of the fabric clothe for the final checking

Checking and final corrections of the pattern

Printing of the final model of the pattern

Creation of the final form with selective first materials

Completion the line of pattern with possible enlargements or diminutions.

Chloe Area, P.O. Box 398
52100 Kastoria - Greece
Tel.: +30 24670 21205
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